A volunteer from a Cumbrian animals charity has raised more than £6,000 in the past five years with her quizzes.

Joan Trotter, one of Oak Tree Animal Charity's loyal volunteers, has raised £6,464 since 2019, after selling her most recent Christmas quiz.

Joan, who is in her 80s, has been volunteering in the fundraising office at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity twice a week for the past six years. Joan is an animal lover and loves interacting with the animals onsite, especially socialising kittens.

Joan fostered Tuppa, a cat, from Oak Tree and ended up falling in love with him and adopting him after just two weeks. Volunteering at Oak Tree has a huge impact on her as she lives alone so it gets her out of the house to enjoy the company of others.

Joan Trotter said: "I love doing my quizzes as it gives me something to do that supports the animals. Quizzes have become my hobby and I love getting to meet all the different people who get involved with buying and selling them. I didn’t realise how popular they would become!

"Thank you to all of the local businesses and individuals who have sold and bought my quizzes. A special thank you to The Pot Place in Plumpton who donated a £50 voucher for the 2023 Christmas quiz and have donated another £50 voucher for the 2024 Christmas quiz!”

Lorna de Mello, fundraising and communications manager, said: "In 2019, Joan decided that she wanted to try and raise some funds for the Charity by creating and selling a quiz for £1. We were thrilled when she raised £150 for Oak Tree, especially as she had done it completely on her own.

"Little did we know how popular these quizzes would become and we are so grateful she continued with them and has gone on to raise thousands for the charity. After her Christmas quiz, she raised an amazing £1,220 which is almost 10 times the amount she raised initially! Joan is an integral part of the fundraising and communications team and we would be lost without her!"