A Penrith-based football club was forced to halt their game twice at the weekend due to dog mess on the pitch. 

Wetheriggs United FC was playing against Penrith Reserves at the Castletown Recreation Ground when the whistle was forced to be blown on two occasions. 

A representative from Wetheriggs United said: "The Saturday game had to be stopped a couple of times to pick up the dog muck.

"It's disgusting behaviour. 

"On every entrance to the Castletown grounds, there is a sign saying 'no dogs allowed'.

"There's also Castletown Junior football club playing there and there's also a park attached to it for the younger children. 

"It's bad behaviour from the owners and the health risk it poses - especially for the children who use the grounds. There is a lot of it around the paths around the industrial estate, the fouling is unbelievable.  they said. 

The club, as well as members of the public, have encouraged the local community to take responsibility for their dogs going forward.  

The first team will be returning to the pitch for their home game against Ambleside this weekend.