HEY there, PD here with some film recommendations for all you movie lovers out there.

Today, I want to share my top picks for must-watch movies available on various streaming sites.

And that's not all, this month, I'll also be revealing the Carlisle Cult Cinema Club's selection of Our Top 12 films of 2023. So, get ready for some cracking cinematic choices. 



News and Star: Carlisle Cult Cinema ClubCarlisle Cult Cinema Club (Image: Carlisle Cult Cinema Club)

Bone Tomahawk, written and directed by S. Craig Zahler, is a gripping western Horror that has a cracking cast, led by the always impressive Kurt Russell. Set at the turn of the century on the border of Texas and New Mexico, the film takes viewers on a harrowing journey into a savage and unforgiving world.

One of Bone Tomahawk's big pluses is Kurt Russell back in a western which is always a good sight to see he is excellent as the sheriff tracking down the creatures. The visual design of the Troglodytes, the cannibalistic tribe in the film, is fantastic.

Their appearance and the way they communicate with each other create an eerie and otherworldly atmosphere.

The brutality displayed by the Troglodyte Tribe reminds me of the cannibals in films like Cannibal Holocaust and Ferox. Zahler does not shy away from showcasing the savagery of these creatures. The cast of Bone Tomahawk is excellent.

Each actor delivers a fantastic performance. From Matthew Fox's strong-willed gunslinger to Sid Haig's memorable presence, the ensemble cast all bring their A-Game.

As Zahler's directorial debut, Bone Tomahawk is a Cracker. The film showcases his ability to create a visceral and visually stunning film. The attention to detail in the production design, and cinematography all look great.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Bone Tomahawk, I must admit that at times it could have benefitted from a tighter runtime. The film occasionally feels a bit long, and the pacing could have been more tighter.

Sometimes, a 90-minute runtime is enough to maintain the momentum and impact. It’s a brutal and visually stunning western that showcases the talent of its cast and the director's promising debut.

Kurt Russell shines in his role, while the Troglodytes and their brutal nature create a chilling presence, I thoroughly enjoyed this even in my opinion it could be trimmed a little, but it’s still a cracking watch.


News and Star: Chuck SteelChuck Steel (Image: Carlisle Cult Cinema Club)

I recently had the pleasure of rewatching "Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires" on Freevee via Amazon Prime Video, and I must say, it quickly became my favorite film of last year. This action-horror comedy is an absolute must-watch for fans of the 80s style, packed with one-liners and references that will have you laughing out loud.

From the moment the film opens with a hilarious and bizarre encounter between a drunk man, a monstrous homeless person, and a speeding police car, you know you're in for one hell of a ride.

The story follows Chuck Steel, a renegade cop with a troubled past, as he teams up with an unlikely partner, battles supernatural creatures called Trampires, and uncovers a diabolical plan involving the Governor.

The animation in "Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires" is truly outstanding. Director Mike Mort and his team have created a visually stunning film that immerses you in its unique world. The attention to detail and the seamless blend of action, horror, and comedy make you forget that you're watching an animated film. It's a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team.

The film is filled with witty one-liners and clever references to classic 80s movies like "Weird Science" and "Cobra." These nods to the past add an extra layer of enjoyment for those who appreciate the nostalgia of that era.

The dialogue is sharp, and the comedic timing is spot-on, thanks to the talented voice cast, including Jennifer Saunders and Paul Whitehouse. "Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires" is a perfect film for a beer and pizza night with your mates.

It's a hilarious and action-packed ride that will keep you entertained from start to finish. The combination of humor, horror, and 80s-style nostalgia makes it a truly unique experience. I have personally watched this film at least 15 times already, and each time, it continues to delight and surprise me.

The story is engaging, the characters are memorable, and the action sequences are thrilling. It's a true gem that deserves recognition. if you're a fan of action and horror with a comedic twist, "Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires" is a film you don't want to miss.

The fantastic animation, clever references, and hilarious one-liners make it a standout in its genre. Head over to Amazon Prime Video and give it a watch or consider purchasing the Blu-ray for an even more immersive experience. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

MR. RIGHT (2015)

News and Star: Mr. Right Mr. Right (Image: Carlisle Cult Cinema Club)

I stumbled upon a true gem on Freevee via Amazon Prime, and it’s a personal favorite of mine. "Mr. Right" is an absolute blast from start to finish. With its captivating storyline and an outstanding cast, this romantic action comedy delivers an exhilarating and laughter-filled experience.

Sam Rockwell takes center stage as Francis Munch, a hitman with a heart and a remarkable sense of rhythm. He dances his way through the film, showcasing his unique charm and magnetic screen presence.

Anna Kendrick perfectly complements Rockwell as the quirky and endearing Martha, creating a delightful on-screen chemistry that is a joy to watch. However, it's not just the talented leads who shine in "Mr. Right." Tim Roth delivers a fantastic performance as Ed Hopper, Munch's ex-partner, and trainer.

His presence adds depth and intrigue to the storyline. Rza, playing the henchman Steve, steals the scene with his charismatic portrayal, forming an unexpected rapport with Francis and becoming a potential Achilles' heel.

The film's action sequences are top-notch, filled with inventive fight sequences that keep you on the edge of your seat. The combination of thrilling combat and offbeat humor creates a unique and entertaining film.

Rockwell and Kendrick's delivery of witty one-liners adds an extra layer of amusement to the already hilarious moments throughout the film. If you're in the mood for a fun and action-packed romp, "Mr. Right" is the perfect choice.

It's a real winner that offers a thrilling blend of romance, comedy, and excitement. From the first scene to the last, the film keeps you engaged and entertained. It is a cracking find that I highly recommend.

With its captivating storyline, exceptional performances, and a perfect balance of humor and action, it is sure to leave you thoroughly entertained. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy this thrilling and hilarious romantic action comedy.



News and Star: Convenience Convenience (Image: Carlisle Cult Cinema Club)

As someone who appreciates a good British crime caper, "Convenience" truly delivered with its stellar cast of familiar faces. Directed by Keri Collins, this 2013 comedy film takes us on a hilarious journey when two lads, burdened by a debt to the Russian Mafia, decide to rob an all-night convenience store.

However, their plans go awry, leading them to work at the store for the remainder of the night. What sets "Convenience" apart is the fantastic performances of the two leads. They effortlessly bring humor and charm to their characters, ensuring plenty of laughs along the way.

It's also a refreshing change to see Vicky McClure in a fun role, showcasing her talent in this criminal comedy of errors. Throughout the night, we are introduced to a colorful cast of stoners and weirdos who stumble into the store for their late-night munchies and fuel.

The interactions that unfold provide a steady stream of funny moments. One notable standout is the foul-mouthed old lady, Mavis, whose antics had me in stitches. Despite its comedic nature, "Convenience" manages to infuse moments of heart and poignancy into the story.

For instance, the character Shaan extends a helping hand to a suicidal man portrayed by Anthony Head, showcasing the film's ability to balance humor with more meaningful moments. The film is well-crafted, with commendable performances from the entire cast.

The writing keeps you engaged, and the acting is top-notch. I thoroughly enjoyed "Convenience" as it offered a pleasant escape with its funny moments, all while maintaining a heartfelt undertone.

I highly recommend giving it a watch. "Convenience" is a hidden treasure that combines British wit, a captivating story, and a talented ensemble cast. So grab your snacks and settle in for a night of laughter.


SISU (2022)

News and Star: SisuSisu (Image: Carlisle Cult Cinema Club)

Just watched this Excellent Slice of Nazi Bashing only this time it’s from a Finnish perspective. Sisu, directed by Jalmari Helander, is a 2023 action war film that features the father and son actors Jorma Tommila and Onni Tommila, both of whom previously starred in Helander's Rare Exports and Big Game.

In Sisu, Jorma plays the hero, ex-Finnish special forces Aatami, who is now a Gold Miner, while Onni portrays the Nazi tank driver Schutze. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and it was refreshing to see someone else kicking Nazi butt instead of the usual American or British army in the movies.

The action scenes were well-executed, and the pacing was just right. As Aatami smashes his way through Nazi after Nazi. One thing that stood out for me was. The snowy landscapes of Finland served as a picturesque backdrop to the Intense Bloody Battles that our Hero has to get his Stash of Gold Back, which the Darn Pesky Nazis stole from him.

The film's score also added to the overall atmosphere of the movie, enhancing the viewing experience. Sisu is a must-watch for anyone who loves action war films with a unique perspective.

Jalmari Helander has done an excellent job of creating an engaging and entertaining movie, and the performances of Jorma and Onni Tommila were outstanding as they usually are.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a fresh take on the classic war movie genre and one of my Films of 2023.