IT seems that nostalgia is alive and kicking as authors Louise Savage and Gerard Richardson have had to order a reprint of their book under the title.

Nostalgia was released in early December and sold out before Christmas in what is a first for Gerard.

This is his sixth local book but his first with Louise and while he still has copies of his first book released 14 years ago for sale, this is the first one he has ever had to reprint.

Mr Richardson said: "I'm not sure whether to be delighted or worried said Gerard. My other 5 books have been well received but this one flew off the shelves and a substantial number of our second prints have also been pre-ordered. I guess Louise is more of a draw than I am."

Louise Savage said: "We are both delighted, to be honest, but I'm going to rub this into Gerard's pride for a wee bit longer.

"Joking aside though, I think we just captured a need for some good old fashioned Nostalgia, right time right title if you like."

The book has a look at some old photos including the photo of Alan Pidgeon's factory at Cleator Moor with the lorries marked ’Doveswing' outside.