Love is in the air, and Lucy Pittaway is pleased to unveil her latest heart-warming artwork, 'Pawfect,' a delightful celebration of love and companionship, designed to add a touch of warmth to Valentine's Day.

Picture this - two lovable dogs snuggled under cosy sheets, their content faces radiating joy and happiness. 'Pawfect' captures the essence of being perfectly made for each other. Lucy Pittaway's latest creation is a reminder of what companionship brings to our lives.

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The 'Pawfect' artwork is not only available as an original, but also as a mounted print, framed print, canvas, and framed canvas, providing options for everyone’s taste and style.

In addition to the artwork, Lucy Pittaway is excited to introduce a vibrant range of merchandise that complements the 'Pawfect' design. From attractive mugs to stylish to-do lists, cosy cushions, creative notebooks, delightful bookmarks, practical coasters, and heartfelt greeting cards. These items make for thoughtful and unique gifts that capture the spirit of the day.

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Whether you're a dog lover or simply appreciate the connection between two souls, 'Pawfect' promises to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

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