The price of a 1st and 2nd class stamp has risen several times in recent years so much so it's hard to keep track, here's how much it will cost you right now.

Standard-letter size first-class stamps rose again in October 2023 which was the second time last year and the third time in 18 months.

Royal Mail has said that the increase comes as the business faces “increasing cost pressures” and a “challenging economic environment”.

The delivery company has also blamed the lack of reform of the so-called universal service obligation (USO).

How much is a 1st class stamp?

The cost of a first class stamp is £1.25 after the rise on October 2, 2023.

The latest increase means stamp prices have more than doubled since 2012 which was the year before Royal Mail was privatised.

Before the price increase, the cost of a first class stamp was £1.10 meaning that the cost rose by 15p.

The postal service put up the price of its first-class stamps by 15p in April 2023 which is the first time the stamp would cost over £1.

When it comes to stamp books - the cost of a standard 1st Class stamp book (4x) is £5.

Meanwhile, the Large Letter 1st Class stamp book costs £7.80.

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How much are 2nd class stamps?

The cost of a 2nd class stamp is currently 75p.

2nd class stamps were unaffected by the October price hike.

Royal Mail said at the time that the cost of a second-class stamp would stay at 75p which is below the European median of 94p.

Meanwhile, a Large Letter 2nd class stamp will set you back £1.55.

Those looking to purchase a Large Letter 2nd Class stamp book will currently spend £6.20.