A total of 1,831 North East Cumbria homes have been affected by storms Isha and Jocelyn so far.

These residents have been receiving support from British Red Cross volunteers following the storms.

Six volunteers from the British Red Cross in Cumbria, the North East and Lancashire have partnered with the North West Ambulance community First Responders Team to assist vulnerable individuals in isolated rural communities and residences devoid of power.

David Taylor, response officer for Cumbria at British Red Cross Emergency, said: "The support we are providing to vulnerable residents who lost their power would not be possible without the efforts of British Red Cross volunteers.

"When vulnerable people get their power cut off during horrendous weather conditions like we have seen in Storm Isha, and now Jocelyn, it is important to make contact with them so we can understand how we can help.

"Our teams have been there to provide hot food, drinks, warm clothes and emotional support to those that need our support."

Electricity North West, alongside other agencies, are supporting the work in progress.

The volunteers started their efforts from 8pm on Friday evening to understand the needs of vulnerable residents expecting power resumption.

The volunteers have delivered hot food, drinks, warm clothes, and blankets to maintain warmth in homes, simultaneously providing emotional support during these challenging circumstances.