More than £1,500 has been raised for a nine-month-old cockapoo to receive hip dysplasia surgery.

Thomas first came to Oak Tree Animals’ Charity near Carlisle as his owner could sadly no longer provide the care he needed.

He had clearly been well-loved and quickly settled into his foster home.

His fosterer noticed Thomas occasionally limping even after minimal exercise so after chatting to the vets he was booked in for x-rays and to be assessed by an orthopaedic specialist.

After the X-ray, the extent of his problem became apparent, Thomas has hip dysplasia on both sides. The vet at the time even commented, “It is remarkable that he copes so incredibly well.”

News and Star: Thomas' X-Ray showing his hip dysplasia Thomas' X-Ray showing his hip dysplasia (Image: Oak Tree Animals' Chairity)Treatment options vary and initially the team at Oak Tree thought that Thomas may need a full hip replacement but after careful consultation, it was decided that Thomas would need a femoral head excision which costs approximately £900 per hip.

The surgery will enable Thomas to live a happy life without pain and discomfort and is likely to be a success.

A just giving page has been set up as the charity aim to fundraise to allow Thomas to receive the ‘life changing’ surgery.

“Hip dysplasia is a condition where the ball and socket of the hip joint develop abnormally leading to the ball not sitting properly within the socket,” said Caroline Yon, Oak Tree’s Head of Animal Welfare.

News and Star: Thomas the cockapooThomas the cockapoo (Image: Oak Tree Animals Charity)“In the worst cases, it can lead to severe osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease and be incredibly painful.

“Hip dysplasia is an inherited condition, so breeding must be carefully monitored to reduce the risk of it occurring.

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“The Kennel Club and British Veterinary Association produce Estimated Breeding Values and hip scores to help select breeding stock that is less likely to suffer from hip dysplasia.

“With Thomas being so young, early diagnosis and treatment are key to help prevent long-term arthritis caused by the condition.”

Anybody wishing to donate can do so via Oak Tree’s Just Giving page.