A Brampton secondary school is set to bring to life a Broadway classic as the rehearsals for its production get into full swing. 

William Howard School's latest production will transport the audience to New York City's Skid Row and through the doors of the Little Shop of Horrors. 

Students of all ages from the school will give the classic 1980s off-broadway and horror comedy musical their own spin and rehearsals are well underway ahead of the show's premiere on Wednesday, February 7.

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At the head of the school's production is Performing Arts teacher Rikki Inglesfield, with the Little Shop of Horrors representing her 10th production at the school. 

She said: "Little Shop of Horrors is one of my favourite musicals and we have wanted to do it for ages but couldn't work out how we could do it because of the puppetry and everything. 

"We thought this year would be good to do it and it would be really fun for the kids."

The task of producing the off-broadway show has thrown up its challenges, including how the story's main antagonist, the carnivorous plant Audrey II, would be brought.

News and Star: William Howard School students getting stuck into prop making.William Howard School students getting stuck into prop making. (Image: Karen Williams/WHS)However, this challenge has been overcome by the creativity of staff and students.

"We have had to have a tech team that just do the plants themselves and during the Christmas holidays the kids came in to do it and I have had sleepless nights about the plants," Rikki said. 

William Howard's production is a well-established tradition at the school, and as well as providing an opportunity for the school's dramatic talent to shine, it also brings together students from across the school who share a love for performing arts. 

News and Star: She said: "It's the best thing that we do and the most thing fun thing that we do where all kids from all different year groups are involved and it gives the kids from these different year groups the chance to get to know each other and they bond and it is like a little family. 

"It's mainly about them having fun and enjoying themselves and the extra bits of learning they are not doing in the classroom."

Year 12 student Nicole Todhunter has played a key role in William Howard School's production as an assistant choreographer, plant maker, and will play the part of Audrey in the three-night show.

She said: "This year's production of 'Little Shop of Horrors' is such a fun show that has offered the opportunity to gather experience in many different areas that haven't been covered in other productions

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this production in more ways than one. It is an amazing show and I am very excited to bring it to the stage."