An IT company is offering schools and colleges in Cumbria a free review of their broadband connectivity to help them achieve faster internet speed targets.

The offer comes from Integrity IT Solutions following the Department for Education's (DfE) recent guideline release.

The guidelines titled, 'Meeting digital and technology standards in schools and colleges', recommend full fibre broadband connections to provide fast and reliable service for students and staff.

According to DfE guidelines, primary schools must have a minimum 100Mbps download speed and minimum 30Mbps upload speed.

Secondary schools and colleges should be capable of delivering 1Gbps download and upload speed.

To achieve this, Carlisle-based Integrity IT Solutions has engaged their team to review and recommend steps for Cumbrian institutions to reach these standards.

News and Star: The offer comes from Integrity IT Solutions following the Department for Education's (DfE) recent

Colin Hewitt, a BT product specialist at Integrity, highlighted the importance of these guidelines.

He said: "The Government’s guidelines are extremely useful in informing schools and colleges about their duty to provide effective internet speeds to ensure pupils have access to the online tools that form part of their daily studies."

Mr Hewitt also highlighted the crucial role high-speed internet plays in current teaching, both for students accessibility and teachers’ ability to utilise the breadth of internet resources.

He emphasised the cost-saving potential of full fibre services, and how they could future-proof the establishments.

Aside from speed standards, DfE guidelines also include backup broadband connectivity and necessary IT security and safeguarding systems to protect students from harmful online material.

In urging schools and colleges to act promptly on upgrading their broadband systems, Mr Hewitt said: "This latest guidance from the DfE is absolutely vital to schools and colleges in making sure pupils and teachers are safe from inappropriate or harmful material which exists on the internet, and gives education leaders peace of mind that online risks are minimised."

Interested schools and colleges can arrange their free connectivity review through Integrity IT Solutions by ringing 01228 594682.