A new youth centre in Brampton is planning to open its doors and be a ‘cornerstone’ of youth engagement in the town.

This innovative project is not starting from scratch but rekindling the spirit of its predecessor which, from 2005 – 2016, made a ‘significant impact’ on local youth.

Despite past setbacks due to funding changes, the Trust is committed to ensuring that the youth of today have even more opportunities than before.

The project has been awarded more than £60k over three years by the Cumbria Community Foundation’s Better Tomorrow’s programme, earmarked for the creation of two part-time youth worker positions.

Complementing this, £2,260 from the Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner’s Property Fund kick-starts the project's critical initial stage.

This funding enables direct engagement with local youth, who will play an active role in shaping the Brampton Youth Project, ensuring it meets their needs and expectations.

Central to this engagement is Ben Yates, a local Youth Worker, who has been instrumental in developing the project.

Ben is currently leading the detached youth work, crucial for involving the young people in the planning and shaping of the project’s future.

The Trust is eager to appoint two more Youth Workers to join Ben in this important work. Interested individuals are invited to email james.burke@bramptoncc.org.uk for application details.

"This is an exciting time for our community as we take significant steps towards enriching the lives of young people in Brampton,” said James Burke, from the Brampton and Beyond Community Trust.

“Ever since the old project closed, there's been significant interest and many requests from the community to get it back up and running again.

“The aim is to give kids a sense of purpose, give them something to do and obviously we hope that it will tackle antisocial behaviour, which has been on the rise in the area.”

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The Trust envisions the Brampton Youth Project as a youth-informed programme, offering activities and support that resonate with and engage the local young populace.

It aims to build upon and complement the existing youth services, working in harmony with other local organisations to provide a full spectrum of opportunities for Brampton's youth.

The project hopes to hold its first meeting in the spring.