The Penrith and the Border MP has said he supports the Prime Minister over military action in Yemen

His comments came during a Ministerial Statement from Rishi Sunak in the House of Commons entitled ‘Defending the UK and our allies in a more dangerous world’, and Dr Hudson highlighted the economic impact of disruption to trade routes.

Iran-backed Houthis operating in Yemen have been attacking cargo ships in the Red Sea since November and the beginning of the war in Gaza.

The Houthis say they are targeting ships which are Israeli-owned, flagged or operated, or which are heading to Israeli ports. However, many have no connections with Israel.

Despite repeated warnings from the international community, the Houthis have continued to carry out attacks, including against UK and US warships. 

The Prime Minister was resolute that this ‘cannot stand’, and the RAF struck two Houthi military targets in Yemen.

These strikes were carefully targeted at launch sites for drones and ballistic missiles to degrade the Houthi’s capacity to make further attacks on international shipping.

With trade routes disrupted, commodity prices may be driven up and Dr Hudson was keen to draw the link between the safety of commercial shipping and the UK economy. 

Speaking afterwards, Dr Neil Hudson MP said: “With UK ships targeted by Iran-backed Houthis, the cost of inaction was too high. These limited, necessary and proportionate strikes were important for self defence and to protect freedom of navigation and the global economy.

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“Freedom of navigation is a fundamental tenet to international law that must be upheld.  It was right that the Prime Minister took this urgent action, and I am grateful to the Defence Secretary for the emergency briefing call for MPs the next day that I attended.”

“I thank the Prime Minister for his response – he rightly agrees that British people and our economic security must be protected throughout the globe.”