A DRIVER is calling on the council to keep on top of potholes after seven cars were damaged on the B5302 near Waverbridge. 

On January 3, about seven cars had to pull over because of the damage caused by a deep pothole before the Station Hill turn off, escalating the risk of a pile-up.

The driver, Bethany Balausiak, said several cars had been 'written off', citing damage to alloy wheels, an exploded tyre and damaged steering.

"The pothole was so big it ruined the alloy wheels on my car and on another man’s car," she said. 

"It made another lady's tyre explode on impact and ruined another woman’s steering and that’s just the people I spoke to. It's ridiculous.

"The council has the funds to fix the roads.

"The people who are paying for their vehicles to be fixed do not have the extra funds during a cost of living crisis, and straight after Christmas.

"There were around seven or nine cars between 5pm and 7pm pulled over along Waverbridge it could have easily resulted in a pile-up," she said. 

Cumberland Council has confirmed the pothole has now been repaired, with the winter season bringing a 'noticeable increase' in potholes. 

A spokesperson said: "One of our area teams successfully addressed and fixed the specific pothole earlier this week.

"With the onset of cold weather during this season, there has been a noticeable increase in potholes.

"Our teams are actively engaged in extensive efforts to repair as many of these road imperfections as possible.

"We sincerely value the community’s understanding and patience as we address the challenges presented by the winter weather.

"If anyone does notice any issues on the road network, we encourage them to complete a form online or contact the Highway’s Hotline 0300 373 3736," they said.