Richard Hammond is one of the most popular presenters in the UK today, often seen racing across countries in modified cars on Amazon Prime or sampling gins with James May on YouTube.

A man renowned for being on the move, clearly, but how does he relax?

Well, it is not uncommon to catch a glimpse of the 53-year-old out and about in the Lake District, or in his own words, his "favourite place in the world."

The former Top Gear and current Grand Tour presenter was spotted having lunch at the Wild Duck in Branthwaite just last year and is also known to frequent the Old Crown in Hesket Newmarket.

And now, the motoring enthusiast has spoken openly about what makes the Lake District, Buttermere especially, special.

The site What Next? shared to their Facebook page a video of 'Hamster' Hammond in Buttermere, gushing over his adopted home from home.

Hamster said: "I am and have been, I know, a very lucky boy.

"I've travelled an awful lot of the world and all the time I was travelling the one place I took with me in my imaginations and my heart was this place, my favourite place, Buttermere in the Lake District. 

"In fact, it became a bit of a standing joke, because what you won't have seen when you watched our many car adventures and travel shows over the years, was that wherever we were looking out across a beautiful landscape, whether it was Madagascar, Mongolia or Burma, there'd be a pause in the radio traffic from the rest of the crew in their cars and then somebody would dial in 'Go on then Rich say it' and I'd pipe up with, 'It reminds me of the Lake District."

Reaction to Hammond's praise

Some users in the comments were clearly balled over by Hammond's kind words, with one saying: "I live and grew up a few miles away. My home county and ancestral home.

"The older I get, the more I love it. I've visited many countries but this area can match anywhere in various respects despite being 'compact'".

Another commented: "It’s the feeling of peace when there. The beauty of the Lake District in any weather."