A local MP has called for an end to whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals dying 'unnecessarily' in commercial fishing nets

Following the publication of a wide-ranging report into protecting marine mammals, Penrith MP, Dr Neil Hudson is working alongside Whale and Dolphin Conservation, World Cetacean Alliance, Sussex Dolphin Project and Blue Marine Foundation to make fishing safer for marine mammals.

Cetaceans - marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and porpoises -, along with other marine mammals like seals, are at risk of being severely injured or killed when becoming entangled in commercial fishing gear in UK waters.

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Known as bycatch, it is estimated some 300,000 cetaceans die from being needlessly caught worldwide. 

Dr Neil Hudson MP said: "I know I speak for the thousands of people across the UK who signed the petition to stop dolphins dying in supertrawler nets when I say that the public demands we embody the highest possible fisheries standards when it comes to our precious and beloved marine mammal populations."