INTRODUCING the FeedAlert silo monitoring system, a groundbreaking solution that is revolutionising feed management in silos. This innovative technology digitises the entire process by providing low-cost inventory control data for all types of silos, representing a significant advancement in the industry.

What sets this system apart is its affordability without compromising on benefits, making it accessible to users across the board and enabling informed feed management decisions.

The installation of the monitoring sensor is quick and simple, as it can be easily attached to the leg of any silo. This makes it suitable for both new and existing silos, eliminating the need for lifting or working at heights typically required for load cells.

Once set up, users can conveniently access their silo data through a free app available 24/7. The displayed information includes silo capacity and weight, with timely alerts notifying users of low or very low-level statuses to prompt ordering. Additionally, users can view daily usage, a 30-day history, and a 7-day forecast. Sharing data with team members or feed suppliers enhances management capabilities by providing reliable information for decision-making.

The system is cost effective; starting from £450 it offers an affordable solution. Its reliability lies in its weight-based measurement which ensure accurate readings consistently over time. Retrofit systems are also available for all makes of silos, making it adaptable to various setups.

Overall, this system combines cost-effectiveness with reliability and adaptability, making it an attractive choice for everyone.

With over 2000 operational systems already in use, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Dairy Farmer, Richard Wheelwright has had his systems operating for over 12 months and it is improving feed management on farm; ‘We monitor feed levels and order in good time, it stops us running out of feed basically’ ‘The resulting cost of running out of feed is more than the investment, FeedAlert gives us peace of mind, it’s fantastic and very cost effective.’

Users can choose to share data visibility with their feed supplier, this added intelligence allows them to offer superior customer support with feed decisions being made on reliable data. This in turn facilitates more accurate demand forecasting and optimised production and logistics planning.

Looking forward, being a universal platform, with users retaining the ability to choose who supplies their feed, the system has great potential to transform how UK feed manufacturers operate throughout procurement, production, and logistics processes. By significantly improving efficiencies, it contributes to reducing carbon footprints as well.

/ Low Cost, systems from £450

/ Weight based for reliability.

/ Retrofit systems available for ALL makes of silos.

/ Simple, safe installation at low level.

/ Reliable Accuracy.

/ Share data with your supplier and team.

Collinson, with 60 years of silo experience, has built a reputation for robust and reliable equipment that stands the test of time. The FeedAlert range of silo monitoring systems is no exception to this commitment.

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