A NEW app is set to revolutionise getting a taxi in Carlisle.

Similar to Uber, Tap A Taxi aims to provide Carlisle residents with a new and faster way to order taxis, eliminating the need to stand in cold taxi ranks or wonder about the arrival time of their ride.

Carly Donaldson, behind Tap A Taxi, expressed her passion for addressing the challenges faced by the people of Carlisle.

"We decided to create the app as we hear and see on a daily basis the struggle that the people of Carlisle are facing when trying to book taxis.

"Having two current taxi drivers as part of our management team makes us even more passionate about offering customers a new and faster way to order their taxi, all from the comfort of a few simple clicks," she said. 

Tap A Taxi will allow the ability to connect with a driver and track their location in real time.

The app is set to be available for download on both Apple and Android devices and will be available from 2024. 

 "Tap A Taxi is going to make getting a taxi easy for everyone," Carly said. 

The group behind the idea has expressed a desire to expand the app's reach across Cumbria. 

In terms of drivers, Tap A Taxi plans to collaborate with self-employed taxi drivers in Cumbria.

The company is actively encouraging taxi drivers interested in joining the platform to get in touch for more information. 

 "We are welcoming any taxi drivers to get in touch with us if they would like any further information or would like to come on board once we launch the app," Carly said. 

As the launch date approaches, Tap A Taxi anticipates a positive response from both customers and drivers, heralding a new era in taxi services for the region.

For updates, you can follow Tap A Taxi on Facebook. 

For drivers looking to get involved, email tapataxi@outlook.com