A drive expert has been given a five-year contract to improve the road safety of Cumbria through classes.

TTC, a driver and fleet risk management specialist, has secured the contract to enhance safety on the county's roads by collaborating with the police, with the aim of ensuring that drivers can access a range of driver offender rehabilitation courses, either in person or online.

Regional manager at TTC, Glen Suttenwood, said: "We have a long-standing and successful relationship of delivering driver training in partnership with Cumbria Police, so we are delighted to have been awarded a new five-year contract."

The courses offered under this new contract include a wide range such as 'Speed Awareness’, ‘Motorway Awareness’, and 'Safe and Considerate Driving.'

One of the courses, notably called 'Ride,' targets motorcyclists specifically.

Mr Suttenwood added: "There are around 400 miles of smart motorways across the country, with a considerable number of our drivers using them daily.

"It’s imperative that those who are caught driving unlawfully on these motorways, albeit unintentionally, understand the impact they could have on the safety of others."

TTC, as the largest provider of UK Road Offender Education accredited courses, delivers classes to over 600,000 motorists each year across the UK.

Nationwide, it operates with over 600 trainers, and offers in-person classes at five venues throughout Cumbria, which is officiated by people with knowledge of the area.

All the training locations, except one, are community-based, such as sports venues or village halls.

With this new contract, online courses initiated during the pandemic will continue, providing wider access and convenience for course attendees.

Sharon Haynes, director of client services at TTC, said: "It’s an honour to be collaborating with Cumbria Police once again, running high-quality courses that change driver behaviour and ultimately play an important part in the reduction of accidents, injury and death on our roads."