WE all know how beautiful our county is, but many may not be aware how many films were shot here.

While it may be common knowledge which blockbusters were shot here, or the classics known to be set here, there are some that may have fallen under the radar.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

News and Star: Star Wars: The Force Awakens posterStar Wars: The Force Awakens poster (Image: Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Probably one of the most well known for having a shot in the Lakes on this list, a scene filmed by Derwentwater showed a fight scene involving the iconic Millenium Falcon, captained by Han Solo.

The long-awaited film marked a reboot for the franchise after 3- years, and introduced key character Rey played by Daisy Ridley, and brought Mark Hammil back to his breakthrough role of Luke Skywalker.

Withnail and I

News and Star: Withnail and I posterWithnail and I poster (Image: Withnail and I)

A true Marmite film, this cult comedy classic continues to polarise audiences with its off-key humour and loser characters, who find themselves escaping their grotty Camden flat for a supposedly idyllic trip to Penrith.

However, upon arrival, they’re met with pouring rain, an eccentric uncle, and trouble with the law.

Despite being set it Penrith, the film was shot in Shap, with other scenes shot out of the county.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

News and Star: Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One posterMission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One poster (Image: Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One)

Tom Cruise’s latest escapade saw him be filmed doing various stunts in the Lake District, particularly, Buttermere.

Famed for doing his own stunts, Cruise defies death in almost every Mission: Impossible film.

The film ran for ages in the cinemas, so Buttermere was very much put on the map, as if it ever wasn’t!

28 Days Later

News and Star: 28 Days Later poster28 Days Later poster (Image: 28 Days Later)

Danny Boyle’s sci-fi horror classic sees its closing scenes filmed in Ennerdale.

In this film, which redefined the zombie apocalypse sub-genre, a virus is released which causes uncontrollable rage, and destroys society.

The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle

News and Star: The Voyage of Doctor DolittleThe Voyage of Doctor Dolittle (Image: The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle)

This film bombed hard with critics, so it’s likely not many people would be aware that this film, which grossed poorly as well due to its soaring filming costs, had scenes in one of Cumbria’s most picturesque areas.

Scenes were filmed in Kirkby Lonsdale, its town centre and Ruskins View, and St Mary’s Church.

Tour guides in the town have started including the fact in their tours, which they have good reason to be proud of – welcoming the likes of Robert Downey Jr to the small but important town.


News and Star: Supernova posterSupernova poster (Image: Supernova)

Tear-shedder and heart-breaker Supernova, starring Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, sees the pair on a road trip across the Lakes as a last chance to make memories after one of them is diagnosed with dementia.

If you can even see the screen beyond the tears, you’ll notice the backdrop looks familiar.

Butterfly Kiss

News and Star: Butterfly Kiss posterButterfly Kiss poster (Image: Butterfly Kiss)

Described as a ‘lesbian Thelma and Louise on the M6’, this gritty thriller follows a serial killer travelling down the motorways of Cumbria and Lancashire, who meets her future accomplice.

From there, they hook up and murder truckers in a frenzied and often humorous collection of thrilling scenes.

Mr Bhatti on Chutti

News and Star: Mr Bhatti on Chutti posterMr Bhatti on Chutti poster (Image: Mr Bhatti on Chutti)

One of many Bollywood hits to be filmed in the Lakes, this comedy follows an idiotic man who journeys to the Lakes thinking that former president George W Bush wants him there for peace talks.

He brings with him other Indian tourists, where hilarity ensues.

Brief Encounter

News and Star: Brief Encounter posterBrief Encounter poster (Image: Brief Encounter poster)

The oldest film on this list, Brief Encounter was filmed and is set just after World War 2, and follows a housewife who meets a handsome doctor.

Both married, they consider and then fulfil an affair during the film which was filmed at Middle Fell Bridge over Langdale Beck.