FALLING stock numbers and a dramatic rise in running costs has led to the decision by Harrison & Hetherington  to say farewell to  Broughton-in-Furness Auction Centre.

After almost nineteen years serving southwest Cumbria, leading Carlisle livestock auctioneers, Harrison & Hetherington said the decision to say farewell to the auction centre marked the end of an era.

It was hoped to hold the last Annual Christmas Show, previously postponed, on Monday, December 11.

The centre has been used for regular commercial , annual sales, as well as operating as a sheep collection centre.

Significent milestones have been achieved over the years, including the Annual Autumn Show and Sale of Herdwick Rams on behalf of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association, which last year witnessed remarkable centre records, when a shearling tup fetched an astounding 10,000 guineas and a pen of five ewes sold at £400 per head, both from renowned breeder AJ Hartley of Turner Hall.

Scott Donaldson, Managing Director of H&H said as a company they hoped to maintain the relationships they had forged with the Herdwick breeders.

He added that the decision had not been taken lightly and cited 'falling stock numbers, and the dramatic increased in running costs', for the decision to say farewell to the auction centre