A WHITEHAVEN woman has been warned she could be jailed after she admitted sexually assaulting a female.

During a brief appearance before a judge at Carlisle Crown Court, 48-year-old Lucy Judd, of Queen Street, Whitehaven, also pleaded guilty to an assault by beating.

The circumstances of both offences, committed in March, were not outlined in court.

Court papers say the sexual touching offence happened in Whitehaven. Judge Michael Fanning agreed to an adjournment following a defence request for a pre-sentence report, which will be prepared by the Probation Service.

The court heard that the case was brought to the crown court for a trial at the request of the defendant, who had entered her two guilty pleas after body cam footage relevant to her offending had been reviewed.

Her guilty plea to an allegation of assaulting an emergency worker – a paramedic - was accepted by the prosecution.

Adjourning the sentencing hearing until January 5, Judge Fanning told the defendant: “You will be given the appropriate credit for your guilty plea. You have a very limited record;  the last time you were in trouble was nearly ten years ago.

“That was pretty much a one-off.”

The judge urged Judd to keep her appointments with the Probation Service, warning that prison remains an option but a report, if completed, would explore other options.

The defendant wept as the case concluded.

She was granted bail until her next court appearance. The sentence she ultimately receives will determine whether or not her name has to go on the Sex Offender Register.