CHRISTMAS came early to Workington this year in a stunning display of all things festive at the Carnegie Theatre with a sell out set of shows for Elf the Musical.

Maryport AOD’s just keep getting better and better, with show stopping solo’s, barrels of laughs and even a flying sleigh when the group brought the smash hit West End show to town last week.

It was a delight to see a packed-out theatre full off excited children and even more excited adults laugh along and applause with joy following the musical with eager eyes and bright smiles throughout the whole show.

Elf is a smash hit musical which follows the tale of Buddy, who was found in Santa’s bag as a baby and raised as an elf.

So much different to the other elves and not that great at his job, Buddy just doesn’t fit into the North pole and thinks he will never belong.

News and Star: Buddy the Elf played by Nicky Dixon.Buddy the Elf played by Nicky Dixon. (Image: Supplied)

When Santa tells him the truth, Buddy heads to New York to find his birth father who is on Santa’s naughty list and not a huge fan of Christmas.

After causing uproar in Manhattan, Buddy finally finds the gift of family and falls in love with a store assistant from the iconic Macy’s department store.

And when Santa’s sleigh crashes in Central Park, it’s Buddy who finds a way to save Christmas forever.

A special mention must go to Nicky Dixon, who captured the audience’s attention with his sensational and hilarious portrayal of Buddy the Elf, as well as Scarlett Todhunter who played leading lady and Buddy’s girlfriend Jovie, with a number of stunning vocal performances throughout the evening.

Junior member Bella Dixon was the ultimate star of the show however, when she filled in for her brother Charlie as Buddy’s brother in the second half, after Charlie was to poorly to carry on with the performance.

It’s fair to say everyone in the cast and audience were incredibly proud of Bella, seen by the huge round of applause she received at the end of the show.

One of my favourite parts on going to see the Maryport AODS is the fantastic set design that is always on display,  after seeing a number of these shows even I was as blown away as all the little ones in the audience to see Santa’s sleigh lift up and fly over the audience in an epic finale.

As always it was an absolute delight, with credit due to everyone in the cast and the wider society, I very much I will be in the audience next year to see Moana Jnr in June and the Christmas show for next year Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.