A CARLISLE gaming group is promoting 'inclusivity and diversity' amongst its 'growing' community. 

Carlisle Gamers, which is 'one of only a handful of permanent tabletop gaming clubs in the UK and the largest in the North of England',  operates a two-storey premises on Lowther Street where the permanent non-profit club opens daily.

The local group has over 1,000 online members and has been recognised locally as recently as April 2022, when the Carlisle Gamers were invited to the Civic Centre by former mayor Pam Birks for a guided tour of the historical artifacts on display.

News and Star:

Group member Peter Mellors explained more about what goes on at the Carlisle Gamers and the values that the collective promotes.

He said: "We pride ourselves on our inclusivity and diversity and welcome all to come join us and all that we do.

"We have grown from strength to strength over the years since our inception. We bring together all manners of people who share our love for playing games and we provide a safe secure and comfortable place where any and all can meet up and partake in their favourite hobby.

 "We have a large community of artists and artisans that can help you better your hobby and achieve your personal goals, whether that be modeling, painting, or creating cosplay costumes."

Carlisle Gamers also play a wide variety of miniature, board and card, and role-playing games including Warhammer 40K, Yu-Gi-OH!, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon TCG [Trading Card Game], Machi Koro, and Dungeons and Dragons.

News and Star: This variety combined with years of development and refinement has seen the group gain international recognition, with regular tournaments being held for card game systems.

"We have spent many years growing and investing in our community so that we can achieve the best from our hobby," Peter said.

"We have an internationally recognised Pokemon TCG league which anyone can come and join. We have two televisual tables that allow our RPG community something that few have at home.

Carlisle Gamers' community is constantly expanding and Peter encouraged anyone who may be interested to get involved.

He said: "We are simply the centre for many universes but don't take my word for it, come see for yourself."