A new family-friendly barbershop has opened in Whitehaven's Market Place. 

The LITTLE Barber Shop, 45 Market Place, officially opened its doors on December 1 and promises a fresh take on traditional barbershop services.

Experienced barber Kelly-Anne Kirkbride, who formerly owned Tommy Lees Soft Play, has set out to create an inclusive and welcoming space for both adults and children.

One distinctive feature of the LITTLE Barber Shop is its dedicated child-friendly area at the back of the shop. 

"We are a modern and old-school run barber with a slight twist," she said. 

"We've added a child-friendly area to the back of the shop to make it more appealing and calming for the little ones."  

Recognising the challenges that can come with getting children to sit still for a haircut, Kelly-Anne and Cassie Clark take pride in their ability to instill confidence and patience in their young clients.

"I've been a barber/hair stylist for a number of years now, I understand the struggle of kids' cuts especially when they're nervous and unsure of what is happening.

"It can be a stressful time for parents and children but we reassure both the parent and child it gets easier," she said. 

The shop is open six days a week with no prior appointments needed.

Additionally, every Monday, the LITTLE Barber Shop is running a special discount for seniors, with OAP haircuts priced at just £5.