EMERGENCY Services have warned children to "stay off the ice" following reports of children playing at Hammonds Pond in Carlisle

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service, Cumberland Council and Cumbria Police have issued a joint appeal after youngsters were spotted playing on hazardous thin ice late on Saturday afternoon. 

The following joint statement was issued: "We have begun to see and receive calls from concerned members of the public around children on the ice at Hammonds Pond. We work extensively with partners to educate around the risks but we need you to be having these conversations at home.

"The risk of falling through the ice is huge and the consequences associated with cold water shock and hypothermia are quick and life changing.

"A conversation with your young people could save their or a peers life."

"Always remember, if you see someone in difficulty in the water dial 999 can ask for the fire and rescue service"