The Carlisle Trade Union Council has called for an ‘immediate resumption’ of a cease fire in Gaza.

Israeli fighter jets have hit targets in the Gaza Strip minutes after a week-long truce expired as the war with Hamas resumed in full force.

The halt in fighting began on November 24. It initially lasted for four days, and then was extended for several days with the help of Qatar and fellow mediator Egypt.

During the week-long truce, Hamas and other militants in Gaza released more than 100 hostages, most of them Israelis, in return for 240 Palestinians freed from prisons in Israel.

Since the war erupted on October 7, in response to a deadly Hamas attack on southern Israel, many of those killed in Israeli bombardments have been women and children.

In Israel, sirens warning of incoming rockets blared at several communal farms near Gaza, a sign that Hamas also resumed attacks, but there were not reports of hits or damage.

The Carlisle Trade Union Council, which represents trade union reps from across different sectors in the city, has issued a plan for Gaza.

They have called for an immediate resumption of a ceasefire that is lasting, the urgent provision of humanitarian relief, including food, water, fuel and medicines to the inhabitants of Gaza and the Release of all hostages and of all Palestinians detained since 7th October.

The group have also called for an end to Israel’s “illegal” occupation of Palestinian land, ‘justice and human rights’ for Palestinians in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories and for all national, ethnic and religious communities and a comprehensive settlement of Palestinian national aspirations.

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Labour has been split over the Israel Gaza conflict with party members at odds with the leadership over its decision to not call for a ceasefire in the region.

Gaza solidarity protest have been a common sight in Carlisle City Centre over the past few months and have been organised by the apolitical and separate Carlisle and District Palestine Solidarity Group.