DOGS Trust Cumbria urges owners to follow some simple steps to keep their dogs safe and warm this winter.  

While many people enjoy a winter stroll, the cold weather poses several risks to dogs and their owners. To help ensure dogs remain healthy and happy, the nation’s largest dog welfare charity has published some easy-to-follow guidance. 

Dog owners are reminded to keep their pets warm and on a lead to prevent them from falling and hurting themselves. 

Lisa Spence, Manager at Dogs Trust Cumbria, says: “Winter walks can be a lot of fun for both people and dogs alike, and many dogs love to run and play in the snow. But this cold weather brings with it some extra hazards for dogs and their owners."

They also advise them to wipe their paws and legs after they've been outside and not to let them walk on frozen ponds. 

Avoiding antifreeze is also beneficial as it is highly poisonous to dogs. Pet owners are also reminded to keep themselves and their dogs visible, check their leads to ensure they're working correctly, and consider spending more time indoors.