A FORMER teacher has raised over £3,000 for charity after creating a calendar featuring seafood recipes from renowned chefs across the Lake District. 

Mandy Gruber, who lives in Cockermouth, came up with the idea after stumbling upon the Maryport Rescue while buying fresh fish from the family-run business Chelaris.

"I fancied doing something for charity now I'm semi-retired," she said.

"And then I found out The Maryport Rescue runs entirely on donations and volunteers every day,  all year round. I thought it would be nice to do the calendar and tie it in with the trawler boat.

News and Star: All funds will go towards the Maryport Rescue crewAll funds will go towards the Maryport Rescue crew (Image: Supplied)

"People have been really generous so far, it's great some great recipes in it." 

The calendar features recipes from acclaimed chefs throughout the Lakes, including one from Heft's Kevin Tickle, Black Swan's Scott Fairweather and the Dog and Gun Inn's Ben Queen-Fryer. 

Michelin star chef Ben Queen-Fryer said: "Given we're one of the restaurants that use Chelaris, I've done a recipe that we would use from their produce. It's Dover sole with a vermouth, Pernod, and butter sauce." 

News and Star: Fresh fish from the Chelaris crew Fresh fish from the Chelaris crew (Image: Supplied)

Using fish from Chelaris, such as brill, Dover sole, and plaice, the calendar promotes a sustainable and local approach to cooking.

"You do what makes sense. Chelaris offers me something that I can't get elsewhere; their produce helps lead the menu. The more people that know about it the better," Ben said. 

"It was really nice watching Ben cook. He's a really nice guy, invited us into the kitchen and showed us how he made that dish," Mandy said. 

News and Star: Dressed crab with cucumber pickle & rye bread croutons by Scott FairweatherDressed crab with cucumber pickle & rye bread croutons by Scott Fairweather (Image: Supplied)

Each date in the calendar is available for sponsorship, with local businesses contributing through advertisements.

Grants Smoked Salmon has played a pivotal role in funding most of the printing costs so that every penny goes to the Maryport Rescue. 

Local businesses, including The Wharf, Her Citi, Maryport News, The Aquarium, Studio Pixel, and Portabello Pizza, have joined hands to help distribute the calendars.

They will also be available at Portabello Wood Fired pop-up Christmas deli.

Anyone interested can also reach out to Mandy directly for the calendar to be sent in the post.