THERE are to be no job losses planned at the McVitie's factory in Carlisle as part of job losses at the Jacob's cracker site in Liverpool.

Pladis told more than 700 workers at its site in Aintree, Liverpool, that it would cut jobs by next December, with the GMB union saying more than 300 workers could be facing redundancy but no workers in Carlisle are set to lose their job in the same announcement.

Pladis recently opened a £2million new warehouse at the Carlisle site as part of a £12million revamp of the whole factory site which has created more than 150 jobs over the past 18 months.

The factory is one of the largest employers in the city, with more than 800 workers employed at the factory site.

The site makes more than 40million individual biscuits each day, including some of McVities' most iconic brands including bourbons and custard creams.

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At the opening of the new warehouse in June, factory general manager, Michael Heaney said he was ‘excited’ about the long-term future of the factory.

“This is a massive commitment from Pladis to the site at Carlisle and one that I'm very excited about,” said Michael.

“We are a site that is growing, and our core volume is also very good at this moment in time so the business is doing very well and so the investment is a vote of confidence in Carlisle and the factory itself.”