A number of Carlisle's independent businesses have backed Small Business Saturday. 

Small Business Saturday UK is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to 'shop local' and support small businesses in their communities.

The day itself takes place on the first Saturday in December each year, but the campaign aims to have a 'lasting impact' on small businesses.

Carlisle boasts a number of independent businesses and ahead of the latest Small Business Saturday on December 2 they have rallied behind the campaign. 

Castle Chocolates, on Fisher Street, has been a big advocate of Small Business Saturday and chocolatier Keith Tattersall encouraged locals to support Carlisle's business, especially in the wake of closures such as Wilkos.

He said: "Local businesses are what is going to keep the high street running and I think that we have seen from the unfortunate closing of Wilkos that the large businesses are not going to have a place on the high street, whereas the small independent retailers who are offering that personalised service and good customer service - they are the ones that are going to keep the high street going.

"Helping local independent retailers makes all the difference, it is a 'use it or lose it' type of situation."

Dave Gardiner owns Ashbridge and Brown gift shop in Treasury Court and echoed Keith's words ahead of Small Business Saturday.

He said: "Small businesses can't afford the marketing that the Amazons and the massive corporations can do so what it does is it focuses the marketing on all the small businesses, the family-owned businesses that are the heartbeat of the high street.

"The bottom line in all of this, if you don't make money at Christmas you don't make money and that is the bottom line in the high street, so it is down to people to decide if they are going to support small businesses or if they are going to make Jeff Bezos even richer."