GLENDA Dorothy Pears, co-owner of L&G taxis in Whitehaven, has passed away aged 68 following a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Glenda, a beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, passed away peacefully at home on November 18. 

Glenda was born in Whitehaven on July 4, 1955, where she was cared for by her mother Irene along with her siblings Raymond, Margaret and later Brian and Dawn Irene. They lived on Mirehouse as children. Glenda initially entered the world of work as a steam presser at Edgards.

She met her husband Lenny when she was 15 and was married at 16 in St Andrews Church, Mirehouse.

Lenny and Glenda then moved in together on Mirehouse as they prepared to welcome their first child, Leon. Soon after Leon was born, they welcomed Darren into the world. They continued to live in Mirehouse when, three years later, Raymond was born and then they welcomed their only daughter Stacey another three years after that.

Glenda was then shocked to have a unexpected special 40th birthday present... her fourth son Leonard. 

In 1984, Lenny and Glenda using redundancy money after Lenny was laid off from the coal mines to start a taxi business. They ran the firm together for 39 years, with Glenda being the backbone to the business. 

The couple brought L&G Taxis up from nothing to being one of the largest taxi firms in Whitehaven. It was trusted and relied upon by all its customers in Whitehaven and the surrounding areas.

Through her work with the taxis, playing dominoes and visiting the local bingo hall, Glenda became a well-known character in the town. She was always a friendly and recognisable voice on the taxi phone. 

News and Star: Glenda was a well-known figure in WhitehavenGlenda was a well-known figure in Whitehaven (Image: Supplied)

During L&G's heyday, Glenda was responsible at some points for looking after over 50 drivers. This not only included being their employer, but she looked after them all as her own - Glenda and Lenny often made their Sunday dinners!

L&G Taxis closed in April 2023 as Glenda and Lenny wanted to enjoy their retirement. Unfortunately, Glenda only got to have a few months of peace before she was diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer, but she did not let this get her down.

Glenda was strong until her last day; she spent time with all her family and managed to make several trips to her beloved Blackpool where she made sure she had a good shop and enjoyed her last days with her family. 

Glenda was known for her love for animals. She has always been surrounded by her dogs; over the years she has had breeds ranging from deer hounds and greyhounds to Pekingese. As she wished, Glenda will be buried with some of her past pets. She leaves six dogs to be cared for by Lenny and her family. 

Glenda’s final days were spent at home, and she passed peacefully at home surrounded by her husband, family and her beloved dogs.

Glenda's family have led the tributes to her.

Lenny, Glenda's husband said: "My beaut, I will miss you every second of the rest of my life. You were not only my wife but my best friend. Thank you for always being my honey suckle and looking after me for all your life.

"I will never be able to repay you for what you have done for me. Until we are reunited beaut – Your dearest husband Lenny."

Margaret Georgina, Brian, Maria and Dawn Irene, Glenda's siblings and sister-in-law shared: "Sister… in life, we loved you dearly. In death, we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place no one could ever fill. Love ya sis."

Leon and Jane, Glenda's son and daughter-in-law said: "As my mam and my mother-in-law, you made sure we did our best, cared about us, believed in us and was always there for us no matter what."

Darren, Glenda's son shared: "You were there through the good and the bad. Nothing will ever come close to the love I had for you. My mam, even though you’re gone you are with me in my memories and always in my heart."

Stacey and Diddy, Glenda's daughter and son-in-law said: "You are the best mam anyone could have asked for. My Queen, best friend, my everything. Thank you for just being you we were blessed well and truly. Until we meet again."

Leonard, Sophie, Riley and Liana, Glenda's son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren said: "We know you are with us, and we will always love and miss you with all our hearts. You were one in a million!"

Shannon, Brad, Anna-Mae, Bradley-George, Amaya and Addyson, Glenda's grandchild, partner and great grandchildren said: "Nana Glen there’s not enough words to say how amazing you were. You’re the true definition of an angel. I will forever treasure all our memories. Please look after us from up there. We love you forever and always."

News and Star: Glenda and Lenny founded L&G taxis back in 1984Glenda and Lenny founded L&G taxis back in 1984 (Image: Supplied)

Andrew and Dan, Glenda's grandson and partner shared: "How do I start Glendora Pandora? The memories you gave me will last a lifetime! From Blackpool to Benidorm, we didn’t know any other places. You treated me like your own child, you taught me right from wrong, even though you were a bad influence at times. But I knew never to cross you!

"You taught me about love and always made sure I didn’t forget that. If it wasn’t for you, I would never be able to have what I have now. You accepted Dan as if he had always been there and accepted him as part of the family from day one. He will be forever grateful for this."

Chloe and Dawson, Glenda's grandchild and great grandchild said: "It’s not goodbye, it’s a see you later. Make sure you have a voddy and coke up there!"

Emileigh and Lewis, Glenda's grandchildren wrote: "RIP Nana. Thank you for all the memories, I’ll cherish them forever. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. I’ll love you forever. Sleep tight beautiful."

Usha, Archie and Alfie, Glenda's daughter-in-law and grandchildren shared: "Nothing will ever be the same without you here. You were a nana to my children and most importantly you were like a mam to me and I’ll never forget you, and all that you done for me and my kids. You were the most loving, caring, kindest soul I have had the pleasure of knowing."

Dylan-Jack, Glenda's grandson said: "Nana, you will be truly missed, thank you for all the memories over the last 18 years."

Aiden, Glenda's grandson added: "You will always be my nan and now you’ll also always be my angel."

Funeral Details

Glenda's funeral will be held on Thursday, November 30. The route will start by leaving Armier, Ennerdale Terrace, along Ennerdale Terrace, High Road and will arrive at St Peters Church, Kells.

The service is to be held at St Peters Church, Kells at 10am and all are welcome.

The burial is reserved for family and close friends. However, the wake will be held at Whitehaven Civic Hall, and is open to all.

All donations will be to Hospice at Home West Cumbria and flowers/cards are welcome.