A FAMILY Christmas tree business is hoping to help the local community get into the festive spirit as it returns for 2023.

Christmas Trees - Little Orton is a family business owned by Craig and Stephanie Norman as well as Craig's brother Michael and his wife Charlotte and parents Eric and Elaine, where freshly cut and locally grown Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are sold. 

The business began in 2003 with the first planting of trees in Little Orton, and now, 20 years later, Craig and Stephanie's family are playing their part as Santa's little helpers as this tree provider continues to champion local festive charm. 

News and Star: A local family have their Christmas tree wrappedA local family have their Christmas tree wrapped (Image: Matthew O'Hara)

This year, the Christmas tree business has opened a week earlier than planned due to demand from the local community who are already in the Christmas spirit.

Speaking on the opening weekend, Stephanie said: "We have definitely felt since COVID people have wanted to get into the Christmas spirit a lot earlier now and it definitely feels like straight after Halloween people are ready to get going straight into Christmas.

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"They take the Halloween decorations down and then it is Christmas so it has sped things up. We did feel like there was a bit of an opportunity to open early.’

Over many years of bringing locally grown Christmas trees to the local community, the Norman family has created connections with a number of regular customers and Craig shared his excitement at welcoming them back and helping them pick their 2023 tree. 

News and Star: Christmas wreaths are also on offer at the Christmas Trees - Little OrtonChristmas wreaths are also on offer at the Christmas Trees - Little Orton (Image: Matthew O'Hara)

He said: "It's fantastic. We are now seeing the next generation who used to come with their mum and dad and we have seen them grow up and now they have got their own places and they are getting a tree for their own house.

"It is really nice to see that, it has become a tradition and it is lovely to catch up with people and meet people and for most people, it is an annual visit.

"It's not just grabbing a Christmas tree, people make an afternoon of it and we try and make it a bit of an experience for people as well, with them coming and picking their own tree.’

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Craig was also keen to remind those who are going to be picking up their Christmas tree about the care they require.

He said: "Always cut a bit off the bottom and then put it into water.

"Do not let it run out of water and keep it topped up, check it every day.

"If you put it in a stand make sure your stand allows the tree to sit off the bottom just slightly so the water can get underneath it."