A WORKINGTON nightclub was closed over the weekend after an 'unfortunate hiccup' was said to have occurred with the club's licence paperwork.

Police were called to the Electric Soup nightclub in Workington on Saturday, November 18 issuing a closure notice on the premises.

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: "Police were contacted at 10.22pm on November 18 to the report of an event on Jane Street, Workington.

"A closure notice was made under section 19 of the criminal justice and police act 2001 and the premises was closed.

"Officers have contacted the Cumberland Council licensing team."

In a statement on social media, Electric Soup said that nine officers turned up for a random check at the premises.

In a statement, Jonny Donat said: "Kudos to all as they carried out their duty ID'ing a heap of punters and not finding a single underage individual.

"A big shout out to our staff and security team for their top notch professionalism.

"An unfortunate hiccup arose with our licence paper - it was missing from its usual spot behind the bar due to a recent leak. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't locate it, resulting in an immediate, though temporary closure.

"A massive thank you to all of you who've shown support for Electric Soup over the years. You guys have made it and experience I'll never forget! Now it's time for me to pass the fun onto someone else."

Mr Donat also announced the club would now be taken over by Secret Escapes and Jordan Toman, who will 'step in immediately'.

The statement said: "They're stepping in immediately and are planning a major, special event to make it up to all you loyal party goers who had to call it a night early.

"Brace yourselves! Exciting times are brewing. Enjoy and see you soon."

Mr Donat said the licence was found later in the night by the sink area of the nightclub, claiming that the misplacement was caused by a leak in the place the licence was usually kept.

A spokesperson for Cumberland Council said: “We are aware of a Section 19 closure, issued by Cumbria Police, at a Workington town centre premises at the weekend. 

“We are working with the owners to mitigate any issues and ensure that they are compliant with their existing licence conditions.”