THE issue of weed control in north Cumbria will be raised next week.

Councillors Robert Betton (Botcherby, Independent Group) and Stephen Stoddart (Moss Bay and Moorclose, Independent Group) are set to propose a motion on the issue at Tuesday's (November 21) meeting of Cumberland Council.

Concerns were first raised in July this year over the state of parts of Carlisle and it was claimed it was 'like a jungle' due to overgrown weeds.

The motion states: "Despite two questions being asked at the previous council meeting and countless complaints from residents, there is still no clear policy on weeds, which cause damage to highways infrastructure, and detritus removal from our gutters, roads, pavements, back lanes, footpaths, cuts and in our green space picnic areas, riverbanks, and paths.

"The costs for weed spraying in the current financial year is approximately £107,000 but we have paid contractors for a service which has most definitely not been value for money, and this cannot be allowed to continue."

The motion asks that the council agrees to put a policy in place, which includes bringing the weed spraying maintenance contract back in-house for 2023/24, and all areas of the unitary authority are dealt with properly regarding regular detritus, weed removal and control and that the maintenance schedules be shared with elected ward members.

Tuesday's (November 21) public council meeting is due to start at 1pm and it will be in the Civic Centre in Carlisle.