A MUSICIAN and artist will be helping to continue the work of a fundraiser after they fell into ill health. 

Emma Hunt, of Egremont, is supporting Graeme McGrory by continuing his work following a stroke last month. 

Over the years Graeme has run many fundraising gigs for the Alzheimer’s Society. 

Some acts like Carlisle's Hardwicke Circus and Wilson Brothers performed at the events which were called Feel the Blues

Now, Emma Hunt is hoping to continue the events with the help of Graeme after he suffers from ill health. 

Ms Hunt said: "When Graeme's wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s he began to raise money for the charity. 

"He's brought different musicians, songwriters, and bands together by running mini-festivals called Feel the Blues. 

"Bringing people together is his passion and he's very much involved with the community but sadly he had quite a major stroke in October. 

"We've done one fundraiser so far and it was tough because Graeme is a friend and suddenly, he wasn't available, and we managed to raise a good sum of money when we performed at The Source in Carlisle."

News and Star: Emma plays guitar for Graeme in hospitalEmma plays guitar for Graeme in hospital (Image: Supplied)

Emma developed a passion for music and the arts after being diagnosed with a critical illness and being in an abusive relationship. 

Over lockdown, she took her creativity to the next level and started selling her artwork and later performing her music. 

She is now involved with several initiatives such as bringing artwork to pupils in schools and is also releasing her music which is beginning to find some success. 

She added: "I went to see him recently and he knows that he has to take very good care of himself, but he still wants to go ahead with the fundraisers. 

"I'm going to be his sidekick and give something back to him. Graeme is such a caring person, and he could have gotten sick because he cares so much, I feel like he deserves the same love he has given to everyone else. 

"When he asked me to work with him and take this on, I was more than happy to do so."