Carlisle hosts the kick-off date for The Zutons' upcoming UK tour.

Following the announcement of their first album in 16 years, The Zutons have also disclosed plans for a tour across UK venues, beginning at Carlisle's Old Fire Station on January 31, 2024.

The album, titled 'The Big Decider', is set to be released on April 26 and represents a major milestone for the band after almost two decades apart.

The recording sessions took place at the renowned Abbey Road Studios, in collaboration with experienced songwriter and producer Nile Rodgers and the band's first producer, Ian Broudie.

As multi-platinum celebrated musicians, The Zutons enjoyed significant airtime between 2004 and 2008, releasing three albums and nine UK Top 40 singles.

Their song Valerie became a triple-platinum hit for Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse.

Band members Dave McCabe (lead vocals, guitar), Abi Harding (saxophone, vocals) and Sean Payne (drums, vocals) all contributed to the creation of 'The Big Decider'.

The album draws from a vast expanse of human experiences, including personal tragedies, life transitions, and harsh realities, all shaped by the resilience of longstanding friendships.

Remarkably, the global Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the band's next phase, creating a special bonding time, particularly for frontman Dave McCabe, who speaks of an important turning point following his subsequent time in rehab.

Abi Harding said: “Dave has been through an awful lot in the last few years, and these things have obviously really impacted him. But his songwriting has only got better. Now he spends more time on his songs. He’s in touch with his own and others’ emotions, and that all goes into the songs. It has been so nice to watch him grow. I’m so proud of him.”

A memorable moment occurred when Nile Rodgers agreed to narrate a spoken word piece over the album track 'Disappear’.

Dave said: “Working with Nile was just an amazing experience, he gave me a confidence that I’ve never felt before making a record. He’s very laid-back as a person and a good listener."

The reunion of the band with Ian Broudie, their original producer, also added a sense of familiarity and comfort to this album creation process.

According to Dave, Ian's emotional response to the demo track of 'The Big Decider' made him feel like the band were 'doing something right'.

The Big Decider' encapsulates the band's robust connection and chemistry.

Sean Payne said: “We had a genuine feeling of a shared vision. In the past we haven’t really said how we feel, or we’ve taken each other the wrong way. But this album was different. We really didn’t feel good until it was just how we wanted it.”

The Zutons' sound, as recognisable and captivating as ever, promises to uplift your 2024.

The album is now available for pre-order and comes with the chance to access pre-sale tickets for the forthcoming tour from November 14.

The general sale will start on November 24 at 10am.