A new anthology of poets from Brampton features one of the oldest poets in Cumbria.

91-year-old Jean Taylor, from Brampton, only began writing poetry three years ago.

She features in a new book of poetry, which also includes work from other local poets that has just come out

‘Beyond Borders ’is a collection of 100 poems many inspired by the local landscape and the local people who live on or near Hadrian’s Wall.

News and Star: The poets behind 'Beyond Borders'The poets behind 'Beyond Borders' (Image: Supplied)Philip Hewitson, one of Carlisle’s most prominent poets, has helped to organise the new collection and has contributed six poems to the work.

He said, “This is the latest anthology that has been published by Brampton Poets and shows the depth and ability of the poets in our local area.

“There’s a wide range of subjects but all with an overriding theme that anchors it in the place where we all live.”

The poets featured are from all walks of life and include 15-year-poet Mason Goddard.

Jean’s contributions include a poem about living in Liverpool during the Second World War.

News and Star: The anthology comes out on December 1 The anthology comes out on December 1 (Image: Supplied)She enjoys reading the Great War poets and says she remembers huddling in an air raid shelter when she was a young girl while the area where she lived was being bombed.

She said, “I was inspired to write about the war because it is still so vivid for me – even though I was only 7 at the time.”

On writing poems, she added: “I find it difficult to write but very rewarding. I began writing during lockdown.

“There was nothing to do because I was on my own so I started making lists of things that rhymed.

“My first poem was about reading a book and where I liked to read.”

She was brought up in Liverpool but came to Cumbria in 1993. She has also been inspired to write poetry after going along to meetings of the Brampton Poets which has helped to continue to spark a creative streak, she didn’t even know she had.

“I’ve always liked poetry. I find it hard to write but it’s very satisfying and amazing when I was published. I didn’t think I’d every get published.”

Her family back in Liverpool were astonished when she first told them she’d been writing.

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“My daughter writes poetry but they didn’t expect me to,” she said.

Phil said, “Jean has shown that you are never too old to pick up a pen, or tap on screen, to express yourself. Poetry is for everybody, no matter the age or background. The Brampton Poetry Group is an inclusive space where everyone is free to share their work and no one is ever criticised. We believe in supporting people’s creativity.”

‘Beyond Borders’ is being launched at an event at the Brampton Community Centre on December 1, where the book will be on sale.

The group is inviting anyone who wants to come along to hear some of the poets reading their work. Entrance is free.