A CARLISLE film enthusiast has had the opportunity to interview a Hollywood star. 

Paul Donaldson, who runs Carlisle Cult Cinema Club, spoke with actor Larry Hankin. 

Whilst Hankin may not be a household name, he has appeared in several high-profile shows and movies. 

He starred as Sergeant Larry Balzak in Home Alone, Mr. Heckles in Friends, Joe in Breaking Bad, Doobie in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and had a major role as Charley Butts in Escape From Alcatraz. 

Mr Donaldson managed to arrange an interview with the star and the pair plan on working together in the future. 

He said: "I was approached by a guy called Stephen Joiner who is a booker and he approached me to get stars involved with my podcasts. 

"We got Larry Hankin involved and after having a few chats on the phone we sat down for an hour and a half interview, which could have gone on for longer."

Carlisle Cult Cinema Club operates through a Facebook page where Paul posts information about films and also reviews and entertainment news. 

He also has a podcast and is currently getting some Hollywood stars involved. 

The group also hosts screenings of classic films at The Source in Carlisle. 

"He is absolutely fantastic, he was very giving with his stories and time. I managed to get stories out of him that weren't even in his book, which is called 'That Guy Larry Hankin.' 

"He's a really nice guy, we've now become friends and are keeping in touch. We're going to be recording some more online content exclusively for his website.

"The recorded interviews will be sold by Hankin as something of an audio accompaniment to his book. 

"He likes me and thought that I was the right guy for the job, I was asking him about things that he is not normally asked about. 

"I was going deeper and asking him about some of his cult films as I'd done my research into his career and I was getting some very interesting stories."