The Met Office has shared their official verdict on whether the UK will get snow this month.

It comes as fellow weather forecasters and outlets have shared predictions that areas of the UK will be 'blanketed' in snow in the coming days.

"New weather forecast model data viewer for Europe and North America", WXCharts showed that parts of Scotland could see snow soon but that is not unusual for this time of year.

Now, to confirm how likely it is that other parts of the UK will get snow, the Met Office has shared its official verdict.

Met Office give UK snow forecast verdict

The Met Office's Senior Operational Meteorologist Dan Stroud shared that "as it stands, we are not expecting any snow in the next week or so."

Adding that whilst snow is not on the way, unsettled and windy conditions will continue: "we are expecting a continuation of the unsettled and at times windy weather we have had over the last few days."

Whilst, much of the UK is not expected to see snow during November, the Met Office did confirm the likelihood of Scottish mountains seeing snowfall, as Dan continued: 

"However saying this snow is still likely to fall across the tops of the Scottish mountains, but this is not unusual for mid to late November."

Although it looks like the UK will not see snow in November, conditions are set to get colder will increase of frost that could lead to snow on higher ground in the north: 

"Towards the end of the month, there are indications of a change to slightly colder conditions a times, leading to an increased risk of frost.

"Some showers may also turn locally wintry across the north, with snow restricted to higher ground."

You can see the full weather forecast via the Met Office.