CARLISLE'S DPD parcel depot has now been completed with the firm continuing to reaffirm its investment into the city as construction begins on a new exchange hub. 

Work started on the DPD distribution centre located on the west side of Kingmoor Park industrial estate last November. 

The new adjacent exchange hub located within the southwest corner of Kingmoor Park North, being led by Kingmoor Park Properties, will cement the organisation as a core employer within the area, upping its staffing intake to around 350 jobs upon its completion. 

"It's essentially an add-on to what's already been built. It's an ancillary office space, a significant service yard, car parking, infrastructure works, and HGV parking," said Harvey Scowcroft, general manager at Kingmoor Park Properties Limited. 

The new site will facilitate both office management positions and a 'significant number of HGV employment'.

DPD's growth mirrors that of Kingmoor Park itself, which has seen considerable development in the past ten years.

"The employment numbers have grown significantly in the park in the last five to ten years. We've gone from around 1,000 to just about to breach over 3,000. 

"Since Covid, in local enterprise meetings, the main aim in Carlisle and Cumbria as a whole that we hear is that Carlisle is not just a gateway to the north. It's a place where businesses want to be and people want to be. 

"There's plenty to be done in the area. There are plenty of blue chip businesses and local, and it is really exciting to see Carlisle thrive. 

"We have a real good line with tenants and they all say the same thing, the opportunities are here for significant expansion. 

"Certainly from a logistics point, Carlisle is the heart of the UK. It's ideal for businesses for DPD, DHL, Amazon, and all the rest of it," he said. 

In line with business expansion, the city continues to strive for growth, whether it be the plan to bring 10,000 homes to the city or the transformative University of Cumbria flagship Carlisle Citadels campus project. 

"It's certainly one of the selling points we use to attract interest. The city will continue to grow with what the plans are for the university and 10,000 homes. It can only bring, better jobs, more jobs and more opportunities for the area," he said.