IN this section of nostalgia, we are looking back at the Binns store in Carlisle.

Binns history started in 1804 when George Binns moved to Sunderland from Yorkshire, establishing a small drapery business in 1807.

Binns was assisted by his son Henry in the store. In 1836, Henry inherited the store on the death of his father and began trading under the name Henry Binns. He was a member of the anti-slavery movement and sold only cotton grown by free labour.

In 1865 Henry retired and his son Joseph John Binns took control of the business changing its name to H. Binns, Son & Co. The business grew quickly and within seventeen years became Sunderland's biggest department store. 

By 1933, the Robinson Brothers had opened the Carlisle franchise. 

It would join other Binns stores in the inter-war years operating across the North East, North West and Scotland, notably in Sunderland, South Shields, Hartlepool, Carlisle, Dumfries and Edinburgh.

In Carlisle, Binns was an iconic store that served as a centerpiece for the city's shopping. It was located on English Street and featured various goods, including clothing, cosmetics, and household items.

For over a century, Binns in Carlisle was a destination for all kinds of shoppers.

In 1953, Binns was acquired by House of Fraser and the company continued to expand across Northern England during the 1960s and 1970s.

In early 1953, House of Fraser made an approach to purchase Binns Ltd., which initially met with opposition from the board of directors. After a bitter takeover process, however, Hugh Fraser was appointed Chairman of the company in April 1953.