A DISTILLERY with a difference has recently opened in Whitehaven. 

Stanaway's, owned by Pete Stanaway, is a home distillery operating out of a house at Hensingham in Whitehaven. 

Pete has been passionate about producing alcoholic beverages for several years and has been doing his home brewing for some time. 

Recently, however, Pete wanted to take the leap and start selling what he makes to paying customers. 

He now sells a variety of alcohol including whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum in a range of different flavours. 

The distillery is the first of its kind in the area, and he hopes the business idea will succeed. 

News and Star: Pete stands alongside bottles of his homemade alcohol Pete stands alongside bottles of his homemade alcohol (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Stanaway said: "I've been homebrewing for twenty years now and I just thought the next logical step would be to distil some spirits. 

"You can only acquire a license if you intend to sell it so it has to be done that way, but it's just another extension of my homebrewing, to be honest. 

"At the moment there'll be some rum, some whiskey, gin, and vodka. 

"I've not had much interest so far but the business is still only a couple of weeks old. 

"I'm running it from my house at Hensingham, so it is literally working from home. 

"I don't have many plans as of yet it will all depend on the customers and how much of it they're buying. 

"If I'm selling that much that I can't keep up with demand then I'll have to acquire a premises somewhere which will be in Whitehaven."

News and Star: Pete with his barrels used for aging alcohol Pete with his barrels used for aging alcohol (Image: Newsquest)

Customers can order their drinks through Stanaway's website where there is a full list showing their selection of drinks and what is and isn't available. 

Mr Stanaway continued: "I've always had an interest in this kind of thing. I like making things, I enjoy cooking and baking so that sparked an interest in brewing for me. 

"Over the years I've predominantly brewed beer but I have also created my own wine and mead. 

"I think that this will be something different for Whitehaven as there's nothing really like this in the area."