A CARLISLE academy is promoting the wide-ranging benefits of martial arts to local children.

B5 Martial Arts Academy on Rome Street is run by 22-year-old Esther Beales, who holds dan grades in both Shukokai karate and traditional jujitsu, and 18-year-old Charlie, who also holds a dan grade in karate despite having a more natural flare for MMA training.

At the academy, Esther and Charlie, who have both been involved in martial arts training since they were children, train a number of youngsters and aim to help them improve their physical health whilst also developing emotional, behavioural, and social skills.

News and Star: Esther gives a demonstration to her studentsEsther gives a demonstration to her students (Image: B5 Martial Arts Academy)

The club also promotes these values in a variety of adult classes.

This is done with a focus on tailoring the training to the specific student, with Esther explaining how the academy is for anyone at any level of martial arts. 

"We're big on building up a student's confidence as an individual," she said. 

Everyone has to start somewhere so we structure our classes to suit everyone, meaning our instructors take time to work with everyone throughout a class to make sure we can understand where a student is struggling and find a way to overcome the issue.

"We understand not everyone learns the same way and taking extra time to re-explain or work through techniques and drills is important to us."

Promoting confidence in physical abilities, cultivating ideals of respect, discipline, focus, and resilience, and creating a positive social environment are just three of the many aims of Esther and Charlie's martial arts classes, with one of their older students explaining how the teachings have benefited them.

News and Star: Charlie in the middle of a demonstration.Charlie in the middle of a demonstration. (Image: B5 Martial Arts Academy)

They said: "B5 has really helped me not only gain a new hobby but gain massive confidence and helped me overcome bullies in secondary school.

"It's helped me to stand up to people and helped me massively with other sports.

"The instructors are very friendly and very supportive, they are also extremely patient.

"I have improved so much in the couple of months I have been there."