CARLISLE'S Palestine Solidarity Group will be committing to weekly displays in support of peace in Palestine as the conflict in the Middle East continues. 

The group, which has been operational since 2014, hope to speak to the public whilst calling for a 'de-escalation of tensions, a halt to violence, a move towards a just peace'. 

It comes after the group held a vigil on October 14. 

Organiser Fiona Goldie said: "We will meet in Carlisle city centre every Saturday for the foreseeable future to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and to call for peace, justice, an end to killing and adherence to international law." 

The group will be outside the Greenmarket's House of Fraser from 1pm to 2pm. 

On the group's original inception, Fiona said: "We got together in 2014 as a result of a similar assault on Gaza by Israel in response to bombings from Hamas. That assault killed 2,251 civilians approximately.

"It devastated the water treatment and power plant in Gaza which have never been fully repaired. 

"And since then, the situation for the people of Gaza has intensified. They are ten years into a dependency on food, water, and medical supplies," she said.