You're never too old to learn and the more you learn the more you realise what a weird and wonderful world we live in!

A couple of weeks ago we used these nostalgia pages to celebrate all that was weird and wonderful about October, but you ain't seen nothing until you get to November!

Some of November's events are familiar, particularly bonfire night.

But did you know this month also contains Steve Irwin Day, commemorating the Crocodile Hunter who met his demise, not by wrestling huge crocs but by being attacked by a stingray. The day is also a day to care for animals and conservation which gave us the chance to use the lovely picture of young Charly and his pet Lola.

November contains anti-bullying day, a wonderful time to ponder on and to consider the number of lives that have been made an absolute misery by bullying, whether at school or in adult in the workplace.

It is appropriate that we mark anti-bullying day in the same month as we recognise and remember those heroes who went to war and gave their lives to defend home and country.

The bit of any commemoration service that stops my heart for a minute is that that proclaims: "For their tomorrows they gave our today."

The tragedy is that so many more will have to give their tomorrows because of bullies like Putin in Russia, the terrorist Hamas murderers of the innocent and the Israeli response that sees so many more innocent people slaughtered.

November also recognises World Kindness Day - again appropriate under all circumstances.

And don't forget Diwali, the Hindu festival that brings much-needed light into the world sometimes so dark.

Perhaps we should leave the running of the world to Lisa, from The Simpsons. This beautiful and bright little musician would bring peace to the world - especially since November also commemorates the saxophone, her instrument of choice.

November marks World Ballet Day.

It is world numbat day. The numbat - as we all knew, of course - is native to Australia and is unique, sharing no relation to any living species.

One more to remember is No Shopping Day - where you make a decision not to join the battle for Black Friday specials. If you can't do that, at least try and stay away from Amazon and the superstores and visit your local independent shops.