A RE-ENACTMENT society is bringing 12th-century combat to the people of Carlisle.

Historia Normannis Carlisle is a branch of a nationwide re-enactment society that focuses on the period of history that included King Stephen, Empress Matilda, Richard the Lion Heart, and if the stories are to be believed, Robin Hood.

Historia Normannis also has groups in Stirling, Scotland, and the South of England.

In the spring and summer, the Carlisle-based group supports events in castles, historic sites, and local fairs which are run by English Heritage, Cadw, and local councils at places like Carlisle Castle.

News and Star: The weapons used in the re-enactmentsThe weapons used in the re-enactments (Image: Historia Normannis Carlisle)

In the autumn and winter, the Carlisle group does combat training on Sundays and attends craft sessions where they make all the things they need for shows including clothing, chain maille, weapons, leather work, and shields.

Kathyrn Harrison is a member of Historia Normannis Carlisle and explained some of the other events the group attends and the weaponry the utilise to bring history back to life.

"We also attend regionals across the North of England," she said.

"These events involve members from other groups, giving a bigger battle experience and fun social opportunities.

"We use blunted steel weapons including swords, bows, spears, glaives, warbrands, and more."

News and Star:

Kathryn also encouraged people who are interested in this practical application of history to get invovled.

"We welcome new members across the year," she said.

"If you would like to get involved to test your metal in medieval, we'll be in Bitts Park on Sunday 15 October at 12.30 pm and we are open to ages 14 plus but under 18s must attend with a parent or guardian.

"Please bring gloves, water, and sturdy shoes.

"Craft sessions are usually held at 6.30 pm on Wednesday evenings at Carlisle Ex-services Mens Club on Albert Street."