Feeling confident in your own skin is so important to your overall health and wellbeing. 

Ashford & Drake, a new doctor-lead aesthetics clinic conveniently located in central Carlisle, offers a wide range of treatments. Dr Kareer, lead clinician and general practitioner in the area, told us: “We are really pleased to offer aesthetic treatments to our customers, and we’re dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards.” 

Below, Dr Kareer reveals the benefits of aesthetic treatments, what to expect from your selection and the clinic’s exciting, cutting-edge technologies. 

News and Star: Dr Kareer, lead clinician, and Monika, clinic manager, are excited to provide a first-class aesthetics service to their customers.Dr Kareer, lead clinician, and Monika, clinic manager, are excited to provide a first-class aesthetics service to their customers. (Image: Ashford & Drake)

Revolutionary advances in aesthetic treatment

Ashford & Drake offer a combination of fat dissolving injections (Aqualyx® and the recent newcomer, Lemon Bottle) for fat dissolving with their machine to offer the ultimate weight loss, body sculpting experience. “The injectable fat dissolving treatments that we provide have produced very positive results for our customers,” explains Dr Kareer.  

“We are also really excited to announce our new ultrasound and radiofrequency treatments for fat dissolving. This technology allows for body contouring, breaking down fat and potentially reaching the desired result in a single 30-to-40-minute session.  

“Our therapist will use a probe guiding over the areas requiring treatment. Leaving you with visible results immediately after one session. We then move onto Radiofrequency treatments which tightens any loose skin on the body.” 

Cryotherapy is another intriguing development for the possibilities of aesthetic treatments. Medical grade cryotherapy, available at Ashford & Drake, is a great method for treating common skin conditions including skin tags, warts, verrucae, blood spots, sun damage and many more. 

“The cryotherapy treatments are a really exciting prospect for customers looking to remove these common skin conditions,” explains Dr Kareer. “The NHS no longer provides these treatments for cosmetic reasons alone, so if you’re worried about how your skin is looking then you’re always welcome to pay us a visit!” 

A range of exceptional aesthetic services

Whether you’re looking to smooth out some wrinkles or keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated, Ashford & Drake have everything you need to feel great about yourself again. Profhilo® is an injectable treatment that helps to restore skin elasticity and hydration, improves tone and also helps to lift deeper creases of the skin. 

The main active ingredient in the injection includes concentrations of hyaluronic acid – a compound that is naturally found within your skin, and has an ability to hold water and moisture. The moisturising properties of this treatment provides the skin optimal conditions to rejuvenate, as well as promoting tissue remodelling. 

The clinic also specialise in a range of Dermal Filler treatments. “Fillers are an extremely popular treatment within aesthetics for good reason,” says Dr Kareer. “We use only premium products in our clinic, consisting of hyaluronic acid and in most cases lidocaine. The aim is to replace volume, improve facial contouring and to give a more youthful appearance overall.” 

“Some of the most common locations for these injections include the lips, chin, cheeks and jawline. Depending on your desired result, we can assess your face and discuss the treatment that works best for you. We always provide a consultation to identify the proper filler and provide a bespoke service.” 

Monika, Ashford & Drake’s clinic manager, was also pleased to inform us of their investment in a brand-new hydrofacial machine. “With Christmas fast approaching, what better way is there to treat yourself than with one of our bespoke treatments?"

News and Star: Dr Kareer is a fully qualified doctor specialising in aesthetics, and has introduced cutting-edge treatments to the clinic.Dr Kareer is a fully qualified doctor specialising in aesthetics, and has introduced cutting-edge treatments to the clinic. (Image: Ashford & Drake)

A customer-focused approach

The safety of their customers is the number one priority for Ashford & Drake, across all their cosmetic services. Before any treatment, customers have the opportunity to discuss the process with qualified professionals. 

“All of our treatments are delivered by qualified doctors, fully trained in aesthetics”, adds Dr Kareer. “Each customer will be fully apprised of any potential side effects, the ingredients in the treatments and what they can expect within the next few weeks. 

“We also provide all of our customers with leaflets that are full of information about their specific treatments, and we’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have.” 

To book an appointment, visit ashfordanddrake.com, send a Whatsapp message on 0756 267 33 94, email them at info@ashfordanddrake.com or visit and follow their Instagram or Facebook pages for videos and offers.