Parents across the UK are being forced to quit work and care for their kids due to the soaring fees of nursery costs. 

With around 1.2 million parents in the UK having to cut down on essential spending to cover childcare costs, it can seem daunting to consider where the ideal location to raise a family is.

The new study from OutdoorToys has analysed the data, looking at the average costs of nurseries in different UK cities for two kids to find out which cities are the cheapest for childcare. 

Carlisle is the 7th cheapest city in the UK for childcare, with an average annual nursery cost of £16,800 for two children. 

Nurseries are vital for children’s development as it gives them an early start on their education, laying the foundations of maths and literacy, and preparing them for the next step.

And parents in Carlisle have access to this privilege more than others in the UK.