SATURDAY marked the final time the doors opened on a popular home and garden shop in Cockermouth with the owner thanking customers for making the business a ‘real success’ for over a decade.

White and Green Interiors on Station Street has become a popular store in the town selling an assortment of household and garden items over the last 13 years of trade.

They announced closure earlier this month and opened their doors for the final time on Saturday.

Talking about what the last day has been like, owner Sonja Tilleard said: “It’s sad in a way to see the end of what has been a lovely business for me but it’s nice looking forward. I just really after 13 years am looking forward to the lack of commitment and having a bit more time to myself, my garden, house, grandchildren.

“I have still got across the road so it’s not like I’m giving up on the town. I will still be in and out and will see regular customers so it’s not as sad as it would have been if I had just given up completely.

“I have no plans whatsoever. My only plan is to have no plans and just to take the days as they come and not be driven by lists of things to do.”

News and Star: Inside the popular White and Green shop

After a successful 13 years in the town Sonja has thanked her many loyal customers for their support, both throughout the business’s life and particularly over the last week ahead of the closure.

She said: “It’s been great. Firstly, it’s a lovely town, secondly, we are so lucky, we have got a good local customer base and then obviously we have got the extra of some tourism, but a really supportive customer base and I have got lots of good customers who have become friends as well.

“There has been lots of comments, upsets, I have had lots of lovely comments. It's been lovely with what people have said, quite a few people have popped in today literally just to say goodbye, obviously there’s some come in to see what is in the shop, but I have had lots of people come in to say their last goodbye which is nice.

“I’d just like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has made the shop what it is which is a real success over the years.”

Sonja will transfer some of the stock into her other store Number 15 across the road on Station Street. She said: “People who like what I do will still get a flavour of it over there.”

A new floral and home boutique will open in the unit from November, with the store set to be called Hollie and Belle.

Sonja said: “I hope everyone will support this just as much as they have supported me.”