A MEMBER of a Carlisle fitness group has praised the community that has been created around it. 

Jacqui Robinson is a member of Girl Power Fitness, which is run by instructor Aleasha Wallace and takes place in a number of different locations across Carlisle throughout the week, including Morton Manor, Currock, and Harraby.

The community group came into existence in 2019 when Aleasha adapted her 'Clubbercise', which involved dance fitness in the dark, to incorporate a wider variety of workouts and promotes a safe space where locals can work out.

Jacqui got involved in the group after feeling like her 'fitness took a back seat' after raising her two sons and spoke about how she was welcomed into its ranks.

She said: "Aleasha welcomes everyone to her classes, no matter their age, fitness levels or abilities.

"I felt very welcome from the start and have followed her own brand ‘Girl Power’ fitness classes since its inception; classes such as Box Fit Fun, Ladies that Lift, HiiT, Combat Cardio, and others.

"Aleasha keeps everyone lifted and offers endless encouragement.

"There’s no judgement; it’s just women and some men trying to keep fit with no pressure.

"It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know the moves at first; you just do your best and pick it up on the way.

Jacqui also explained how after being welcomed with open arms into this local fitness community, she took it upon herself to embrace newcomers and make them feel comfortable as they began their fitness journey,

"I hugely enjoy the interaction in all the classes; the growing community and making new friends.

"I remember how it felt being the newbie; not knowing anyone, the moves, and worried about my fitness level.

"This is why I always speak to newcomers to make them feel welcome and hopefully, they’ll keep coming back."